When is the payout made?

Twice a month, usually the 14th and last day of the month.

Upon what amount is the payment made?

110 USD.

What kind of traffic are you willing to buy?

We acquire any traffic if the site complies with the rules of the system.

I set the code, but the goods are not displayed, what could be the reason?

After creating a new block, it starts to appear for 5 minutes, wait.

How to get earned money?

Payment is made automatically twice a month. Payment is possible if the account balance has reached 110 USD.

Can I get paid ahead of time?

Yes, but in case of early payment, we will charge a fee of 10 USD, regardless of the withdrawal amount.

How much will I receive per click?

The accrual rate per click is determined by the subject matter of the advertising material, the quality of website traffic, the country and the rates of advertisers.

What ways to replenish the balance are available?

Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard and Webmoney cards.

Why is my ad not showing?

The ad must be moderated, your balance must be positive.

How to increase the number of clicks on an ad?

The network uses an auction pricing model. The higher the CPC bid, the more impressions and conversions an ad receives.

How long does it take to moderate an ad

During working hours, moderation takes no more than 15 minutes. On weekends - up to 2 hours.

How to connect product retargeting?

To connect product retargeting, please contact support.

Do you work with advertising agencies?

Yes, please contact support.

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